Child's Play - The Gamers' Charity

At SavyGamer we're committed to saving gamers money. That much is obvious. You come here because you're looking to keep a little more cash in your pocket to use for other things. Maybe you've saved enough to buy an extra game with the difference between our prices and RRP. But what about using that little extra you saved you help out other gamers?

Specifically, the patients in children's hospitals around the world. Children who could use games to either escape their situation or to regain a form of social interaction. Children who could use the Wii to keep fit when they can't get out and about, or who regain dexterity through the use of a controller. Kids who should just be able to have fun, even though they spend most of their time in a hospital for a condition that they didn't deserve.

I think we can all agree that's a cause worth our time.

So here's a modest proposal. I'd like the readers of SavyGamer to give just a little something to these children. Maybe have a look at the most recent game you bought from SavyGamer, and donate the difference between that and the retail price. Maybe half of the difference, or whatever you feel you can afford.

If you use this ChipIn widget then we'll be able to track how much SavyGamer readers have donated to Child's Play. Your entire donation will go to the Child's Play cause - neither SavyGamer nor ChipIn will take anything out of it. You don't have to use it if you don't want - you can PayPal your donation directly to if you so wish.

I've set a modest goal of $200 by the New Year, which I think we should all be able to achieve together, and I'd love to see it climb far beyond that. What do you say?

You can find out more about Child's Play here.