Ahahaha! How much?!?!?

GamersGate have got Ubisoft's pretty terrible "Prince of Persia" on the PC for £44.96.

Just shy of £45 quid.

The same game is available for £11.99 (with an exclusive sleeve, no less) elsewhere.

H.A.W.X., EndWar and Far Cry 2 are all £44.96 too.

Or £17.99, £14.99 and £9.99 (with free DLC, which is an extra £4.49 on GamersGate).

Buying all four of these games from GamersGate would cost £179.84, buying retail versions of the same games would be £54.96, less than a third of the price.

Who do we blame? Ubisoft or GamersGate?

I'm not too sure, but I am sure of one thing. Do not buy these games from GamersGate.

GamersGate also have one of the worst deals I have ever seen available too. Legendary for £44.99.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, DS - £17.81

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, DS - £17.81 delivered

Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer, DS - £8.73

Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer, DS - £8.73 delivered

Saints Row 2, Xbox 360 - £16.73

Saints Row 2, Xbox 360 - £16.73 delivered

Saints Row 2, PS3 - £16.73

Saints Row 2, PS3 - £16.73 delivered

Modern Warfare 2 Preorders post

A lot of people really liked Call of Duty 4. So much so that the price of it still hasn't dropped hugely since release.

Not as many people liked Cod·Wah, but even still it's price is pretty high.

Anyway, it's a fairly logical assumption that Modern Warfare 2 will follow a similar pricing trend to COD4.

I'll be using this post to keep track of the best preorder price for Modern Warfare 2 across all platforms, and will try to keep it up to date from now until it's release. Maybe keep this post bookmarked if you want the best deal.

Modern Warfare 2, PC - £29.99
Modern Warfare 2, Xbox 360 - £37.98
Modern Warfare 2, PS3 - £37.98

Civilization IV: Complete, PC - £9.17

Civilization IV: Complete, PC - £9.17 delivered

Line Rider: Freestyle, Wii - £13.73

Line Rider: Freestyle, Wii - £13.73 delivered

Line Rider: Freestyle, DS - £13.73

Line Rider: Freestyle, DS - £13.73 delivered

Overlord: Raising Hell, PS3 - £12.99

Overlord: Raising Hell, PS3 - £12.99 delivered