Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, PS3 - £22.49

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, PS3 - £22.49 delivered

Devil May Cry 4, PS3 - £23.99

Devil May Cry 4, PS3 - £23.99 delivered

Silent Hill: Origins, PSP - £15.57

Silent Hill: Origins, PSP - £15.57 delivered

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ScummVM Wii - Wiimote Edition Released

The ScummVM interpretor is a piece of software that allow you to play a bunch of classic Adventure games on a range of platforms. It has now been ported to the Wii, with Wiimote support, meaning you can use the Wiimote pointer to replace the functionality of the mouse.

You can download it here.

The Scumm engine was originally made for Lucasarts Maniac Mansion, but it was used for a whole host of fantastic games. My personal favourites are Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit the Road and Beneath a Steel Sky.

There is some fantastic homebrew coming out for the Wii, and it's only just getting started, I can't wait to see what's down the line. You will need some way of launching .dol files to use this, Wiibrew should have all the advice you need for that.

I strongly suggest you head over to and download the charming and hilarious Beneath a Steel Sky.

Update: here's a video of it in action, playing Full Throttle. Cheers to hideous_enigma for the link.

Eternal Sonata, Xbox 360 - £14.99

Eternal Sonata, Xbox 360 - £14.99 delivered