Toys 'R' us Sale

Toys 'R' Us are having a sale at the minute, with the following games on offer -

Xbox 360 -
Kameo - £4.99
The Godfather - £4.99
King Kong - £4.99
FIFA 2006 - £4.99

PS2 -
Gotlieb Pinball Classics - £0.99

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - £4.99

There was a few other games in the sale, but nothing else at good prices. There may be more than this in the sale as well, depending on what stock the store has, please post if you see anything else. Thanks to Matthew for the tip off.

Morrison's Xbox Game Clearance!

Morrison supermarkets are clearing out all there original Xbox games, they have all been reduced to £1 each.

My local didn't have much stock, but I grabbed Path of Neo, TIger Woods 2005, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and most notably Psychonauts.

I suggest you buy anything you're interested in, they are at least £1 at gamestation/GAME, and possibly more.

Let's hope they have a similar PS2 clearance at some point in the future.