MAG beta code contest

I have five beta codes for MAG to give away! Simply head over to my website Continue or Quit and follow the instructions.

The contest ends at 6PM on Saturday 19th.

Update: The contest has ended. To see the winning entries, visit the article on Continue or Quit.

Zeno Clash, PC - £6.95

Zeno Clash, PC - £6.95

D2D gives you a code that you plug into Steam.

Halo 3: ODST, Xbox 360 - £29.85

Halo 3: ODST, Xbox 360 - £29.85 delivered

Technically, this isn't the cheapest price for ODST, by about 20p. However, ShopTo ship their stock via next-day recorded delivery as soon as they get it, and according to reports, they've got stock now. If you order before 5:30pm today, you'll get it tomorrow morning, four full days before the release date of next Tuesday.

You'll also get the code for Johnson in Firefight, so you're not missing out on anything from other retailers. Worth 20p, I feel.

UPDATE: The official word from ShopTo is that they are charging people today but not shipping until tomorrow. People are still getting shipping confirmation emails, however.