Win Dark Messiah!

Update: Competition over.

Aparently GAME felt left out

Disappointed that Blockbuster were getting all the attention, GAME have just dropped the price on Stranglehold on the 360:

Thanks to doboworth for the pic. If you see any evidence of retailers making amusing mistakes, feel free to send them to

Update: This is totally probably legal

Final Update: It looks like this offer is now over, if you can send them an email to, with your account details, they can still send you one, but I think they will notice if you only just registered. They probably want it to be in Portuguese too.

I have some spares, that I will give away later on tonight Now.

Update: The link is now "Manutencao" which I believe is under maintenance. Maybe this offer is going to be changed/removed completely. I'll keep an eye on it. I do have a few spare serials, so I will probably give them away in another post if it turns out that the offer has finished.

I don't know, it's portugues, which I can't even spell, let alone understand.

Apparently, if you click on this link, and follow the fairly simple instructions (let me know if you have any trouble), you get a CD key for the fantastic, if a little flawed, fantasy action game "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic".

I don't know if it is a legitimate promotion, or some jerk with a keygen, but it appears to be working. Use at your own risk. If anyone can confirm or deny it's legitimacy, please let me know in the comments.

Update: Further investigation leads to be 99.9% certain that it's probably a legit giveaway, apparently it's like the Post-HL2 equivalent of a cover disc.

Also, it appears they kind of messed up, you don't even need to use a real email address, since it doesn't email the code, it just gives it you when you click on the link. Just make up

I can also confirm that this is the English language version, just like if you got the retail release.

The game itself is a lot of fun. You get to kick orcs. Source engine, and should run well on anything that can stomach Half life 2. Some people apparently get a lot of glitches, I didn't ever run into any trouble.

It's normally £5.99 on Steam, or even more for a retail copy.

Update: Translate it for giggles.