RIP Free Radical

One of my favourite British developers has just closed their doors.

Free Radical, creators of the Timesplitters series, has, according to, have closed up shop.

I loved the Timesplitters games, number 2 being my favourite, I have lost hours to it over the years. I loved Second Sight to bits too, it always felt like I was breaking the rules when I wasn't supposed to be, and it had a pretty great twist at the end.

In honour of their output over the last nine years, here's the best price I can find on all of their games. New where I can do, and if used is much of a discount I have included that too.

TimeSplitters, PS2 - £8.99 delivered
TimeSplitters 2, PS2 - £2.50 delivered
TimeSplitters 2, Xbox - £4.99 delivered (or £2 used)
TimeSplitters 2, Gamecube - £5 delivered
Second Sight, PS2 - £8.99 delivered (or £3 used)
Second Sight, Xbox - £7.99 delivered (or £3 used)
Second Sight, Gamecube - £5 delivered
Second Sight, PC - £1 delivered
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, PS2 - £9.89 delivered (or £7 used)
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Xbox - £3.91 delivered
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Gamecube - £10 delivered
Haze, PS3 - £9.99 delivered

Sadly, none of their Xbox games have been made 360 compatible yet. Maybe Microsoft is bitter about them going PS3 exclusive (although that is entirely speculation on my behalf).

Who knows what could have lead to this decision. I guess a lot of the blame could be levelled at Haze not living up to what anyone would have hoped. Maybe there was internal management issues. Whatever the reason I wish everyone involved the best, and hope that everyone finds new employment soon. Thanks for the fun times.



Anonymous said...

:( why do the great always fall, bye bye Goldeneye 64 team

Anonymous said...

It is incredibly sad to see them go. Although they are not completely dead. The company has gone into administration leaving 40 of the original 185 staff still employed.

Also some of the fired staff have set up a company called Pumpkin Beach.

There may be life in the old ticker yet