Bioshock [Steel Tin], Xbox 360 - £16

Bioshock [Steel Tin], Xbox 360 - £16 delivered

BioShock, Xbox 360 - £11.99

BioShock, Xbox 360 - £11.99 delivered

The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 1

It's Episode 1 of the SavyGamer Podcast! This week we have a special guest: Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid. We talk about the challenges of being an independent developer and building such a unique game (don't worry, it's spoiler-free). Also, the usual chat about news and stuff, and a quick segment from the casual side of things from Lewie's Mummy. Only on the SavyGamer Podcast!

Show notes (Highlight to view):
00:00 Opening
00:36 Welcome
00:42 Contest winner information
03:39 Burnout Paradise - Cagney is now fully out, Davis update details
06:40 Summer of Arcade promotion details
08:50 Geo Wars score: Below the red line is the demo, above is the full version.
09:41 Alone in the Dark demo opinions and a magnificent segue
11:46 Lewie's been playing the KORG Synth - terribly
13:26 Trackmania DS video talk
14:20 Chrono Trigger DS delayed - anyone surprised?
18:48 PS3 trophy chest is expanding
21:00 Rock Band 2 suspected US release
23:17 Wii Menu homebrew hack - Lewie explains
28:24 Wii MotionPlus will be light on the pocket
29:35 Braid talk
32:14 Interview with Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid
1:14:46 End of interview
1:15:08 Bargains of the Week, 2 for £25 PS3/GTA4 360 - £25.99
1:16:59 Have your say - let us know what you want from the podcast
1:18:17 Lewie's mum weighs in on DIY and gaming. [Link]
1:22:30 Close

Total Runtime: 1:22:38
Total Filesize: 75.6 MB

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Sega Superstars Tennis, Wii - £7.47

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Magical Starsign, DS - £5.99

Magical Starsign, DS - £5.99 delivered

Hotel Dusk: Room 215, DS - £10.99

Hotel Dusk: Room 215, DS - £10.99 delivered

Stranglehold: Collectors Edition, Xbox 360 - £8

Stranglehold: Collectors Edition, Xbox 360 - £8 delivered

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