Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Xbox 360 - £14.05

Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Xbox 360 - £14.05 delivered

Sins of a Solar Empire, PC - Free

Update2: Seems that Impulse are deactivating any serials gotten through this, I guess we are all out of luck. Explanation here. Shalom

Update: Looks like they have ran out of serials for Sins of a Solar Empire now. Speedball 2 is still available. Everyone who got it, I hope you enjoy your game, everyone who missed out, commiserations. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any similar offers in the future.

It appears that CD-Action are giving away free downloads of Sins of a Solar Empire. They are giving out serial numbers which you then put into Impulse.

Head here, click "założyć TUTAJ". Tick the box then hit "Rejestruj". Then enter a username in "użytkownika", password (twice) in "Hasło" and and email in "Adres Email". If you prefer to not get any spam, use a disposable email address.

They will then send you an email for you to activate your forum account. Click on the link in the email, then log in and got to this link. They will send you a serial number for the game, which you enter into Impulse. You need to download Impulse, and enter the serial number into the client. You will need to register for an Impulse account if you do not have one already.

The serial should be in this format:

In Impulse, go to the top left menu icon, then select "Register a product", then hit "Add Registration", and paste the serial number in, and the game will be added to your account.

I can confirm this works, and have done it myself.

Update: Seems like Speedball 2 is available too. That's for Steam.