Amped 3, Xbox 360 - Review

Amped 3, Xbox 360 - £6 delivered

Review by Amitai Winehouse

I don't like Snowboarding. After all, very few people who are inclined to video games do. The very idea of risking life and limb for very few rewards, not even a few additional achievements, seems foreign to most of my geek brethren. That is not to say that video game companies do not release video games about this sort of sport. EA "Big" has had a lot of success with the SSX franchise, spawning several games. Therefore, almost two years ago when Amped 3 was purchased, I was slightly perturbed, but not yet totally put off.

Never getting further than the end of the 'tutorials', I set the game down until only 3 days ago. Looking for something to play, I picked up on this once more, started afresh and began 'boarding'. There's no doubt that this game is one thing, and that is fun. The wholly realistic route is not the idea for games of this sort, and therefore I can take great happiness out of performing two backwards flips followed by a corkscrew 180.

The game was never going to be a story masterpiece unlike my last review, and therefore the creators set about taking the Michael as much as they could. From 8-Bit sequences featuring an evil overlord (who's face we never see, merely his hood and silver arms, looking for all intents and purposes to be a faceless Dr. Doom) to overly stylized animé style sequences which thoroughly parody animé traditions. The addition of being referred to as "Player 1" throughout also is a nice 4th wall break. The story itself is fairly funny, and whilst not being Hollywood quality, ties things together nicely.

One feature which is also nice is the character creation, which is expectable seeing as most games of this sort have that, and this is no different with a wide selection of clothes and bodily features spanning both genders. The challenges which give you "Coin" to purchase new clothes are also fairly challenging, and the game can be played even after the story ends, meaning a longer experience. There are also several unique challenges, which involve things such as riding a Sled, a Snowmobile, and also a Hang Glider on occasion.

A big thing lacking from this game is LIVE versus mode. I think this would have made an awesome addition to the game, and to leave it out is just mind-numbing. Who wouldn't want to laugh at someone over a headset as they wipe out, or perform a 100,000 point trick that leaves your friends gasping.

Another problem is the repetitiveness of some of the challenges in the game. The difficulty curve very much stays the same throughout each section, and therefore when gunning for respect, at times you may find yourself sensing a small amount of Deja-Vu. However, if the game is played as I believe it is intended to be (e.g. in short bursts) then this is not a problem, and the game remains what it is meant to be, fun.

I say that if you are looking for something to kill a few hours with, then this game is worth what you can get it for know. It's likely better than SSX: Beating a Dead Horse, and the tongue in check nature of the brings it up a notch. A recommended buy.

Amped 3, Xbox 360 - £6 delivered

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