Xbox 360 120GB HDD - £25/£32

If you're looking to upgrade your Xbox 360 hard drive, it's worth remembering that you can buy preowned and that your old hard drive after the upgrade is blank and resellable. However, due to the good folks at CEX, you can squeeze an extra couple of quid out of the swap.

Currently, the 120GB hard drive is being sold for £48. The trade-in value of the 20GB is £16 and the 60GB is £23, £4 and £6 more than their cash value respectively. However, if you trade in your hard drive, you lose all the stuff on it.

This is where your mileage may vary. A month or so ago, at the Sheffield store, the folks at CEX were very accommodating. They transferred all my data from my old 20GB HDD to the preowned 120GB HDD in-store. It took about an hour and a half. However, they're under no obligation to do this - staff at the Nottigham store have reportedly been less than helpful. You need to make it clear you want to ahead of time, because you don't want the trade-in to go through and lose all your stuff because they didn't understand what you wanted to do. You may also need to provide your own transfer cable, as there's no guarantee that the one they have is up to date or that they even have one. You can get a free cable from Microsoft by using the form on this page. Write 'On Order' in the Elite serial number area, and you'll be sent the cable within about a week. Make sure you check the page on CEX's website to see if stock is available at your local store.

This depends on the co-operation of CEX staff, but I've found them to be almost universally friendly and reasonable people.