Super Famicom Classic Controller, Wii - £51.78

Super Famicom Classic Controller, Wii - £51.78 delivered

Not even slightly worth it, but a few people have asked me to keep an eye on when these are available at any price.

Bloody Nintendo fanboys. I'd like one of these, but I wouldn't pay a penny more than £15.

Samba De Amigo, Wii - £11.99

Samba De Amigo, Wii - £11.99 delivered

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Xbox 360 - £6.99

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Xbox 360 - £6.99 delivered

Quake Live Beta

I had a key to give away before, but that's gone now.

However, you can register at the Quake Live beta site here, and if you are lucky, you might get a beta key too.

Quake Live Beta Invite up for grabs

I have an invite to the Quake Live Beta available. First person to email me at can have it.

I'll probably have more invites available in the future, so keep checking.

Update: And the beta key goes to Ceri, congratulations!

Child's Play update

Congratulations everyone, you guys managed to raise a fantastic $110 for Child's Play. It was a little shy of our $200 target, but it's still a fantastic achievement, and more than one person has contacted me telling me that they plan to make a donation on their next pay day (as do I).

If you would still like to donate something, you can find details on how to do so here.

Well done!

Update: Kristin from Child's Play passed on her thanks:
"Thanks very much for doing a fundraiser for Child's Play, it's much
appreciated. Please pass our gratitude along to the SavyGamer