The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 10

We're back! Except, not quite. We're testing the water with a new format for the show, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Each show we'll have a Big Issue segment in which we'll pick something to talk about and discuss it. Agree with us? Disagree? Let us know. This week - why people put down or finish games.

The podcast contains spoilers for BioShock (9:55-11:54), GTAIV (27:06-33:55), Gears of War (33:55-38:41).

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Total Runtime: 1:29:46
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Update: I just listened back to the podcast, and I appear to have said that HMV will pricematch their web site in store. This is not true, I misheard Willeth, I thought he was asking if PC World pricematch HMV online. Sorry for any confusion - LewieP