Kingdom Hearts 2, PS2 - £6.99

Kingdom Hearts 2, PS2 - £6.99 delivered

Eternal Sonata, Xbox 360 - £15.93

Eternal Sonata, Xbox 360 - £15.93 delivered

The Ship, PC - £6.93

The Ship, PC - £6.93 delivered

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The Rub Rabbits, DS - £8.93

The Rub Rabbits, DS - £8.93 delivered

Metroid: Zero Mission, GBA - £13.43

Metroid: Zero Mission, GBA - £13.43 delivered

Megaman Maverick Hunter X, PSP - £13.43

Megaman Maverick Hunter X, PSP - £13.43 delivered

Megaman Powered Up, PSP - £13.43

Megaman Powered Up, PSP - £13.43 delivered

Rab's Red Ring Appeal

Time Crisis 4 with Gun, PS3 - £49.49

Time Crisis 4 with Gun, PS3 - £49.49 delivered

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Sega Rally, PS3 - £15.93

Sega Rally, PS3 - £15.93 delivered

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, DS - £6.99

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, DS - £6.99 delivered

Tomb Raider: Legend, PS2 - £5.99

Tomb Raider: Legend, PS2 - £5.99 delivered

The World Ends With You, DS - £24.43

The World Ends With You, DS - £24.43 delivered

Homebrew Region free Wii launcher released

If you are down with the Twilight hack, then the killer ap we've all been waiting for has finally been released. "Gecko Region Free" an .elf file for region free Wii game launching can be downloaded here.

Big thanks to NUke and everyone else who contributed to making this launcher.

Sadly it doesn't work with Super Smash Bros. Brawl as of yet, but hopefully they are working on a new version which will. Maybe Gamecube compatibility further down the line?

From NUke -
"Gecko Region Free was created with the homebrew libogc library. No certs, Tmd, Tik, Keys or other Nintendo copyright material were used or attached in the file, making it a pure homebrew release. No Datel code was used either, so please don't call this a clone etc as this and Freeloader work in completely different ways.

The decryption is done by the hardware, not in software and the correct IOS version of the game booting is selected and used. This is done by reading the information off the DVD using the low level read commands and then passed back to the starlet.

My own apploader was written, and will completely ignore the update partition, no patching is done except a region flag which is required.

This of course only works with Wii games."

It has been confirmed to work with No More Heroes, and the fantastic part of this hack is that it can't be used for piracy.

Update: Updated download link to version 1.2