2100 MS Points, Xbox 360 - £15.85

2100 MS Points, £15.85

Instant delivery through email.

Fight Night Round 4, Xbox 360 - £29.85

Fight Night Round 4, Xbox 360 - £29.85 delivered

Blood Bowl resolution

As a follow up to the previous article about blood bowl serial, I have finally heard back from G2play:

"Yes we have sent email to our Blood Bowl customers explaining the situation and offering refund on the product. The keys were acquired in unlegitimate way by our supplier which we banned from our services and we are considering legal steps towards him. But since we do not have any proof against him but only the publishers claims it will be hard to proceed against. We have refunded promptly around 150 customers."

So that settles that, to some degree. They have passed on the blame to their supplier, but also done the honourable thing and accepted full responsibility for it themselves, and are doing what it takes to set things right. This whole saga has given me a better opinion of G2play, and a worse one of Focus. I think I am going to be fairly happy to post deals from G2play in the future, but I will always put a disclaimer on them I think.

Perimeter, PC - £0.97

Perimeter, PC - £0.97 delivered

Pretty sure most of that will go on postage.

Excellent work Lucasarts

Lucasarts have just put a bunch of their old old old games on Steam. I thought to myself when they announced they were doing so "Excellent, I may pick a few of those old adventure games I never played first time around in the inevitable weekend sale". But that wasn't good enough for Lucasarts.

They have priced a bunch of genuine classics at only £2.99 each. Bargainalicious.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, PC - £2.99
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, PC - £2.99
LOOM, PC - £2.99
The Dig, PC - £2.99
Star Wars Starfighter, PC - £2.99

I actually saw The Dig in a charity shop for £4 not all that long ago, I kid you not. There are lots more to come too.