Civilization IV: The Complete Edition - £19.21

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition - £19.21 delivered

Civilization IV has had 3 different expansion packs, Warlords, Beyond the Sword and Colonization. Now, just to be confusing, it has been rereleased as "Civilization IV: The Complete Edition" twice. Once with CivIV, Warlords and Beyond the Sword, and then again, more recently, also with Colonization.

At the moment, the game and all 3 expansions is £22.49 on Steam, but it is cheaper to buy retail versions of the game.

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (minus Colonization), PC - £9.23 delivered
Civilization IV: Colonization, PC - £9.98 delivered

2,100 MS Points - £12.54

I've not been able to test this one myself, Littlewoods website is being unstable for me at the minute, but I have it on good authority that this should work.

Grab these, then apply code "ZG007", and it should come to £12.54.

Now, a word of warning. Littlewoods are pretty sly, and won't think twice of just charging you more than the checkout process says (which is actually illegal), and making you fight to get the price you were quoted. It will probably work out ok, but I have had bad experiences with them in the past. I would say document the entire transactions with screendumps, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks to Mark for the tip off.

Telltale games discount

I already posted the Steam special offers, but Telltale have also got a special offer when buying direct from them.

The Steam special offers are better, but you can get physical copies, and various bundles, discounted from Telltale games if you want. Wallace and Gromit is also not included in the Steam sale.

Coupon "247-6LE-8JW-H9Y"

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Xbox 360 - £17.95

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Xbox 360 - £17.95 delivered

Twisted Metal: Head On, PSP - £4.99

Twisted Metal: Head On, PSP - £4.99 delivered