Mass Effect, PC - £12.98

Mass Effect, PC - £12.98 delivered

Great for those who missed out on the Argos deal, and includes the Bring Down The Sky expansion. This is a limited time offer, so grab it if you want it.

Podcast update

We've not forgotten about the podcast, don't worry.

A combination of lack of time and technical barriers at PAX meant we didn't do one live from PAX.

Now that we are back, me being poorly, us both being jetlagged (hense the 4:30am post), other technical barriers and real life stuff have got in the way. Episode 4 should be up in the next 24 hours.

After that, we should hopefully be back to the normal schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

Titan Quest: Gold, PC - £5.93

Titan Quest: Gold, PC - £5.93 delivered

Pure, Xbox 360 - £29.73

Pure, Xbox 360 - £29.73 delivered

Just because there aren't enough 360 racing games with 4 letter names.