LocoRoco 2, PSP - £9.99

LocoRoco 2, PSP - £9.99 delivered

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Xbox 360 - £17.99

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Xbox 360 - £17.99 delivered

God of War, PS2 - £7.99

God of War, PS2 - £7.99 delivered

Skate it, DS - £7.99

Skate it, DS - £7.99 delivered

Halo Wars, Xbox 360 - £34.93

Halo Wars, Xbox 360 - £34.93 delivered

However, it might be worth thinking about the Limited Edition of the game.

Halo Wars [Limited Edition], Xbox 360 - £41.49 delivered

This comes with, amongst other trinkets, a code for downloading the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack early. Not only does that mean you get it early, but you won't have to spend the additional 800 ms points (equivalent to £6.28ish, if you are using the cheapest points) on it when it does come out, so if you are planning on getting it, the effective price of the Limited Edition is £35.21, just a shade more than the regular edition.

Elite Xbox 360 + Halo 3 - £199.99


New deal, with much more on offer posted here.

2 for £14.99 in store at GAME

GAME appear to have added some new games to their 2 for £14.99 PC range in store.

The offer now includes:
Unreal Tournament 3
The Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl
Diablo 2
and others

When we saw it, there was also a copy of Bioshock in the 2 for £24.99 range, so it may just have been miss-stickered, in which case, it might not be available for 2 for 2 for £14.99 elsewhere, let me know how it goes.

Pretty much all of these are £10 or more elsewhere, so this is a pretty good deal.