New Xbox Experience from PAX

Major Nelson demoed the New Xbox Experience at 10:30 Pacific today, and I have it all on video. I was watching the screen rather than the camera, so there's a couple of times my aim is off and you end up watching the Ubisoft sign rather than anything else, but all the pertinent info is available. I'll be posting a more in-depth breakdown shortly.

PAX Dump - use at your own risk!

Hey folks - I've managed to get WiFi access and so I'm going to start uploading photos from my journey. You can find the listing at

Be aware that these photos and videos haven't been edited in any way from when they were first taken, and I'm uploading everything indiscriminately - there may be a few videos that have dodgy sound and last one second, and they may be some that will cause extreme embarrassment to one or more parties involved. But hey, that's all in the spirit of the thing, right?

I'll be posting a PAX Log tomorrow, I think, about the final leg of the trip. The next episode of the podcast may be this week, or it might be recorded when we get back - who knows. You'll definitely be hearing Lewie's dulcet tones shortly, along with our impressions of pretty much anything.

We've lined up a couple of cool interviews and swag too, so keep and eye on SavyGamer. I'll leave you with a bit of a nerdy moment from earlier today when I was rather starstruck.

From left to right: e, Major Nelson, Willeth, litheon