Star Trek: Conquest, Wii - £17.99

Star Trek: Conquest, Wii - £17.99 delivered

Ghost Squad, Wii - £23.68

Ghost Squad, Wii - £23.68 delivered

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GAME Exclusive Wii supply, lots in store.

GAME have just struck a deal with Nintendo for a supply of Wii consoles over Christmas – Exclusive packs which have games included with the hardware, a separate SKU. There is a 2 game and a 3 game bundle price (tentatively) at £250 and £280 respectively. The Games seem to be 1st party, most likely “Mario & Sonic at the Olympics”, “Mario Party 8” and possibly “Super Mario Galaxy”

These bundles will be shipping from Monday, they may be in stock on Monday, or may be in warehouses on Monday, and in stores later in the week. These bundles are totally exclusive to GAME – Nintendo is thanking GAME for their support over the years, and repaying loyality.

The number of Wii shipping has been described as “considerate”, and continuing up to Christmas. Previous shipments have been "small amount".

Any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Good Luck!

Thank you to my Anonymous tip-off.

Mass Effect, Xbox 360 - £25.85

Mass Effect, Xbox 360 - £25.85 delivered

Confirmed to be region free by Ashcroft