Grand Theft Auto IV, Xbox 360 - £29.99

Grand Theft Auto IV, Xbox 360 - £29.99 delivered

Not available yet. It goes live on Sunday.

Picross DS, DS - £9.99

Picross DS, DS - £9.99 delivered

Pokémon Pearl, DS - £9.99

Pokémon Pearl, DS - £9.99 delivered

Yakuza 2, PS2 - £24.98

Yakuza 2, PS2 - £24.98 delivered

It really is amazing to see proper games getting released on the PS2 this late in it's lifetime. Sure, this has been out in Japan for quite some time, but from what I gather it has required pretty extensive localisation.

I never did play the first one, although I meant to. Should I track it down?