ATTN ShopTo customers - possible credit card leak

It appears that a German hacker community has discovered a leak in ShopTo's security certificate, and as a result several credit card numbers have been leaked online. Anyone who has used ShopTo in the past should take a look at their bank balance and take the appropriate action to minimise any loss.

ShopTo's official statement on their forums is that the issue is external, and that if you have only ever entered your information on ShopTo's website that you should be okay. We've contacted ShopTo for a statement.

It appears that this leak may be related to an earlier incident from late March. Details are very sketchy at the moment but it seems that the ShopTo security certificate weakness may not be related to the leak of 19,000 credit card numbers. However, if you are in any way unsure about the security of your details, contact your bank or card issuer to take the appropriate action. ShopTo have updated their security certificate today to eliminate this weakness.

Source: Virenschutz via NeoGAF

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