Petition the government to Provide tax or other incentives to support the UK computer and video games industry.

You guys should all read this, and hopefully come to the conclusion that you should sign it.

"The UK games industry requires tax incentives or some other assistance to maintain a competitive market for global publishers. According to Tiga, the trade association for UK developers, the number of independent studios has shrunk from about 400 in 2001 to 150 today. Much of this is because publishers such as Ubisoft of France, Sony of Japan and EA of the US have purchased the high performing studios.

We need the same to support UK talent in this industry that is expected to grow phenomenally in the next 3 years, but with rising costs in development more staff are required and it is increasingly less attractive to fund these larger projects here, and almost impossible for independent studios to start production."


Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £21.50

Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £21.50 delivered

Because I just got it and it is fantastic. Japanese version, but all the menus and text is in English.

If you like Rez, or good shmups, you should definitely check this out.