BG&E2 "On hold", let's take action!

If the word of some dude from Gamersyde on twitter is to be believed, it seems Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been put "on hold".

We, the gamers, should take action, lets coordinate a response to Ubisoft to let them know that we will not accept them cancelling what is a massively anticipated title by gamers around the globe. Let's hit Ubisoft where it hurts!

I propose that we boycott the "Imagine" series on the DS, Wii and PC.

The imagine series had already sold over 1 million by February of this year, no doubt thousands more since then. If we all take a stand and vow to never buy any more Imagine games, Ubisoft will be bound to notice the fall in sales, and maybe consider restarting production on BG&E2.

If you are with me, if you want to play BG&E2, and you vow to boycott the imagine series until Ubisoft have officially stated that work has started on BG&E2 again, then please, comment here in support.

I'll be linking Ubisoft to this post.

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Xbox 360 - 1200MSP

For this week only, the Lost and Damned expansion for GTA IV is 1200MSP instead of 1600MSP as a download for Gold members. The cheapest Microsoft Points deal is 2100 for £15.80 here (thanks Helloween).

You can also pre-order the Episodes from Liberty City disc for £24.85 here. This contains both the Lost and Damned expansion and the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony expansion, and is out on October 9th, the same date as the Ballad of Gay Tony download.