Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, DS - £12.49

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, DS - £12.49 delivered

Table Tennis, Wii - £10.99

Table Tennis, Wii - £10.99 delivered

Ubisoft condone and endorse video game piracy.

Anyone who has bought any Ubisoft game ever, and in fact, anyone who ever buys any games, should read this.

Have you ever bought a game, and then not managed to get it working on your machine? Have you ever had to resort to download a no-cd crack to get it to run? I know I have, and I know that the games industry considers me a massive pirate due to buying their software, then running it in a way they don't like.

Which makes this thread over on the Ubisoft forums all the more entertaining. When faced with a version of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 that wasn't working on lots of machines, ubisoft did exactly what you would have done. They when and got a no-cd crack of the internet and released it as an official patch.

Continues here.

Shadow Of The Colossus, PS2 - £8.93

Shadow Of The Colossus, PS2 - £8.93 delivered

Skate, PS3 - £14.83

Skate, PS3 - £14.83 delivered