Enchanted Arms, PS3 - £13.99

Enchanted Arms, PS3 - £13.99 delivered

This is the USA version, but it is completely PAL compatible. Great retailer too, they are UK based so no risk of imports duty.

2 Xbox 360 games for £35 at Argos!

Argos Currently have these Xbox 360 games on 2 for £35

Need for Speed - Carbon
Moto GP 06
World Snooker Champ 07
WWE Smackdown 07
Test Drive Unlimited
Lego Star Wars
FarCry - Instincts
Virtua Tennis
Viva Pinata
Rainbow 6 - Vegas
Call of Duty 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Fusion Frenzy 2

Most of these are available cheaper online individually, but these are great prices for a brick and mortar store.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red, GBA - £9.99

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red, GBA - £9.99 in store at Argos.

You can reserve online here

Thanks to Martin for the tip off

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue, DS - £9.99

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue, DS - £9.99 in store at Argos.

You can reserve online here

Thanks to Martin for the tip off

Pioneer BDC-202BK Blu-ray drive - £155.98

Pioneer BDC-202BK Blu-ray drive - £155.98 delivered

Xbox 360 Elite Console - £299.99

Xbox 360 Elite Console - £299.99 delivered

I personally don't thinks it's worth it for the elite console, and the premium is fine for most people. but this is the best price on an elite if you want it.

Apply code "AW30AUG" for £30 off.

10 pc game bundle, great bargain - £14.99

10 pc game bundle, great bargain - £14.99

King Kong
The Bards Tale
Championship Manager 2006
Arthurs Arcade Games: Pet Chase
Arthurs Learning Games: Sand Castle Contest
Arthurs Learning Games Vol. 2
Challenge World Poker Championship
Dead Mans Hand
Driving Test Success 2006: Hazzard Perception

Includes a bunch of shovelware, but some great titles in there too.

Apply code "586584" for free delivery

Regular service resuming

Having finally sorted out problems with BT, my Bank, and a range of ISPs I have finally sorted out my internet connection. I will be back to usual service as of next Tuesday.

Thank you all for being patient whilest I sorted my life out, I hope to find as many good bargains as possible to make up for the partial downtime.

I will also use this opertunity to announce the winners of the competition, so keep your eyes peeled.

Remember, if there is anything specific you would like me to look for, email me at savygamer@gmail.com


10% off everything at thehut.com! 24 hours only

This is a fantastic retailer, they have given me really good customer service in the past, so I heartilly recomend them. They have good prices normally, but with 10% off everything there are tonnes of bargains to be had.

There is no minimum spend, just apply code "july10" to get 10% off the total in your basket.


Great PS3 bundle deal for students

Virgin Megastore are selling in store a PS3 bundle, it is the 60gb console, 2 controllers, and any 3 of these games -

Resistance: Fall Of Man
Ninja Gaiden: Sigma
Ridge Racer 7
Formula One Championship Edition
Genji: Days of the Blade

They also give 10% student discount, however, this 10% is based on the orignal selling price of all the items (around £580) bringing the total price you pay to around £366. I personally still recomend a 360 over a PS3, even at this price, but if you want a PS3, this is by far the best price around.

Gamestation 24 hour Sale!

Hit gamestation tomorrow for one special internet only deal every hour starting at 9.00am.

Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party Double Pack, GBA - £5.96

Sonic Advance + Sonic Pinball Party Double Pack, GBA - £5.96 delivered

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, PSP - £9.99

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, PSP - £9.99 delivered at play.com

Luminees 2 + Football Manager Handheld, PSP - £14.99 delivered at softuk.com

Great double pack, or £7.99 individually.

Apply code "586584" for free delivery

Sony PS3 console, HDMI cable, Motorstorm, Resistance and Genji - £399.99 delivered

Sony PS3 console, HDMI cable, Motorstorm, Resistance and Genji - £399.99 delivered at play.com

Also comes with Click on blu-ray...a deal maker for sure!

Toys 'R' us Sale

Toys 'R' Us are having a sale at the minute, with the following games on offer -

Xbox 360 -
Kameo - £4.99
The Godfather - £4.99
King Kong - £4.99
FIFA 2006 - £4.99

PS2 -
Gotlieb Pinball Classics - £0.99

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - £4.99

There was a few other games in the sale, but nothing else at good prices. There may be more than this in the sale as well, depending on what stock the store has, please post if you see anything else. Thanks to Matthew for the tip off.

Morrison's Xbox Game Clearance!

Morrison supermarkets are clearing out all there original Xbox games, they have all been reduced to £1 each.

My local didn't have much stock, but I grabbed Path of Neo, TIger Woods 2005, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and most notably Psychonauts.

I suggest you buy anything you're interested in, they are at least £1 at gamestation/GAME, and possibly more.

Let's hope they have a similar PS2 clearance at some point in the future.

Halo 3: Limited Edition, Xbox 360 - £37.99

Halo 3: Limited Edition, Xbox 360 - £37.99 delivered

apply code "5OFFWEB" for 5% off price.

Final Fantasy IV, GBA - £9.99

Final Fantasy IV, GBA - £9.99 delivered

This is a straight port from the snes original, probably so cheap because a DS remake is being made. Still a great buy though.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, Xbox 360 - £24.99

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, Xbox 360 - £24.99 delivered

20% of Everything at Play-Asia

If you want to import some crazy cool Japanese games, now is the time to do it, there is 20% off all instock items at Play-Asia right now.

Be sure to check out the DS section, since the games are region free. I strongly recomend Ouendan 1 and Ouendan 2, the DS Jump fighting games, aswell as the GBA BitGenerations games.

Viva Pinata, Xbox 360 - £16.14

Viva Pinata, Xbox 360 - £16.14 delivered

Apply code "VALUEMUSIC" for 10% off

Massive list of price drops at shopto

I can't post links atm (goddamn IE5), so just head to the homepage and find the games yourselves, all these titles have recieved price drops.

PS3 Games (with a free PS2 games whilst stocks last) -
Juiced 2, £34.99 delivered
Def Jam Icon, £29.99 delivered
Sonic The Hedgehog, £19.99 delivered
Spiderman 3, £29.99 delivered

Nintendo DS Games -
Puyo Pop Fever, £7.99 delivered
Starfox Command, £14.99 delivered

Nintendo Wii Games -
Call of Duty 3, £24.99 delivered
Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, £16.99 delivered
Spiderman 3, £19.99 delivered
Heatseeker, £16.99 delivered
Splinter Cell Double Agent, £16.99 delivered
Rapala Tournement Fishing, £27.99 delivered

Xbox 360 Games -
Juiced 2, £34.99 delivered
Stuntman Ignition, £37.99 delivered
Command & Conquer 3, £29.99 delivered
Moto gp 2007, £34.99 delivered
Project Gotham Racing 3, £11.99 delivered
Test Drive Unlimited, £16.99 delivered
NBA 2K7, £14.99 delivered
NHL 2K7, £14.99 delivered
WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007, £13.00 delivered
UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, £24.99 delivered
Tetris Evolution, £14.99 delivered

PSP Games -
Juiced 2, £24.99 delivered

PS2 Games (some of these come with a free shirt too!) -
Eyetoy Play 2, £4.99 delivered
I-Ninja, £8.99 delivered (awesome fun game, it's like Mario 65)
Jak 3, £6.99 delivered
Fifa 2006, £5.99 delivered
King Kong, £4.99 delivered
Sega Mega Drive Collection, £8.99 delivered
SOCOM Combined Assault, £19.99 delivered


Sorry for lack of updates

Sorry that I haven't been updating much recently, I have just moved house, and dont't have internets at home yet, I am posting this from the library round the corner (on IE5, at 800x600, urg...) should be back to normal frequency in a week or so.

Heatseeker, PS2 - £12.99

Heatseeker, PS2 - £12.99 delivered

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, Wii - £19.99

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, Wii - £19.99 delivered

Fantastic preorder price

More Brain Training, DS - £16.99

More Brain Training, DS - £16.99 collect in store

Global Defence Force, PS2 - £9.99

Global Defence Force, PS2 - £9.99 delivered