Alone in the Dark [Collector's Edition], Xbox 360 - £6.93

Alone in the Dark [Collector's Edition], Xbox 360 - £6.93 delivered

15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine
Alone in the Dark Artbook
Bonus 'Making Of Alone in the Dark' DVD
Alone in the Dark CD Audio Soundtrack

Please don't buy COD:MW2 at RRP.

Activision have set the RRP for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at £55 for consoles, and £40 for PC.

I'm not going to suggest some sort of boycott, or that Activision are some evil corporation trying to rip off it's customers. But I will say this:

If the game sells well at those prices (roughly a 25% increase on RRP for basically every other game), you can be damn sure that Activision will continue this practise this kind of pricing whenever they think "the market will bear it" (translation: When they can get away with it), and it won't be long before other publishers join in.

If it does not sell well at launch, and sales only pick up after the price is dropped, it will probably be considered a failed experiment.

Cause and effect, it's pretty simple really.

I also don't believe a word Activision say, they have proven themselves to be greedy fuckers at every single opportunity.

I'll be keeping track of the best prices before and after release on all formats.