Blackthorne, GBA - £6.26

Blackthorne, GBA - £6.26 delivered

Port of a really fantastic old Blizzard game, it plays a bit like Prince of Persia, but with a shotgun and orcs. Great 2D art and surprisingly funny. You might have played it as "Blackhawk". Highly recomended.

Every Extend Extra, PSP - £8.96

Every Extend Extra, PSP - £8.96 delivered

Cooking Mama, DS - £12.56

Cooking Mama, DS - £12.56 delivered

Cold Fear, Xbox - £3.56

Cold Fear, Xbox - £3.56 delivered

Animal Soccer World, PS2 - £5.36

Animal Soccer World, PS2 - £5.36 delivered

Demented genius

Sonic 2 HD fan remake on the way.

Update: I just noticed a bunch of traffic coming from a range of places over the internet, so this is probably a lot of peoples first time visiting SavyGamer. If you head to the homepage you'll get a good idea of what this blog typically is. I track all the best deals for video games in the UK, and update regularly. I occasionally write longer articles whenever I feel there is anything important I want to write about. Thanks, and on to the Sonic 2 HD goodness -

This right here is why bedroom development is such a good thing.

A while back, there was an artists impression of what an HD remake of the Mega Drive classic Sonic 2 would look like doing the rounds, you may have seen it -

Hot, no?

Well, a bunch of highly talented people from the 'sonic community' have decided that they want to make this artists impression a reality.

The team consists of TheSonicRetard (author of the NeedleMouse Engine, and responsible for the graphics engine of Sonic 2 HD), Tweaker (the creator of Sonic Megamix), BlazeHedgehog and Cinossu (who have already put together the remixed soundtrack), Jman2050, the lead game engine programmer and Vincent who is contributing a lot of the art.

Work so far is in early stages, but still looking incredible so far.

This will be using TheSonicRetard's NeedleMouse engine.

The engine is going to be using a colour palette system with 256 simultaneous colours on screen at once, and all the spites are going to be based on the original games colours, but with four levels of lighting.

No plans for how it's going to be distributed as of yet, they aren't looking that far ahead. They really are just doing it out of love for the game.

Sega have a history for looking at fan-made projects like this and hiring teams based on it. Really, this type of thing would sell bucketloads on the various digital distribution platforms, it would be crazy to not give these guys jobs in this humble bloggers opinion.

The end goal is to remake the entire game, and with the passion and talent shown so far, I cannot wait to see the end result.

Head to SonicRetro forums for more. Here's a bunch more WIP art -