Trauma Centre: Second Opinion, Wii - £14.99

Trauma Centre: Second Opinion, Wii - £14.99 delivered

The id Superpack - £23.25

The id Superpack - £23.25 (or $34.99 + VAT) on Steam

All id games are half price on Steam this weekend, you can buy them individually, or get the id Superpack for half price too, which includes:

Commander Keen
DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil
Final DOOM
HeXen II
HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
Master Levels for Doom II
Quake II
Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning
Quake III: Team Arena
Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon
Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity
Quake III Arena
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Spear of Destiny
Ultimate DOOM
Wolfenstein 3D

Apparently, for the purposes of this promotion, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is not considered an id game, and is exempt from the half price promotion. Quake 4 is not even on steam.

Gears Of War 2 [Limited Collector's Edition], Xbox 360 - £39

Gears Of War 2 [Limited Collector's Edition], Xbox 360 - £39 delivered

Seems like a pretty decent package for not much more than the standard edition will set you back.

I Hi5'd Chris Taylor

I went to the Penny-Arcade Community Pre-PAX dinner, where Chris Taylor, from Gas Powered Games, gave a fantastic Keynote speech. After the speech, he took some questions, and I seized the opportunity to score a Hi5:

Mirror's Edge - PAX Writeup

There was a pretty sizeable queue for Mirror's Edge at all time during PAX, but I was lucky enough to catch it as they were rebooting one of the systems, so didn't have to wait long.

Holy crap that game is good.

It is a mostly linear action platformer played from a first person perspective, with parkour gameplay.

It's visually stunning, with incredible lighting and colouring that really goes against the trend of most games these days. It's set in a very clean dystopia where communication is restricted, and you play a "runner" distributing sensitive packages.

As interesting a backdrop for the action that is, the real meat here is the action. It plays exactly like it looks, the controls are tight and responsive, and it is a lot of fun to play around in. It's linear in that there is, from what I have played, one single correct path, but there are branches around this path, like according to the bloke demoing it, there are 4 ways to get from one specific building to another.

Since I have watched the same gameplay videos we have all seen in the months since it's announcement, I tried to experiment a bit more when I had the chance to play it. There are two moments when, in what looks like a set piece that you have to flee from, SWAT team looking guys swarm you, and you are encouraged to run away, I thought I would see what would happen if I took them on instead. I was able to kill all of the guys. It is harder, but entirely possible.

I managed to pull off some awesome stuff just by trying things I'd not seen anyone else try, and there was a chorus of audible gasps from the crowd whenever I did pull off something extra cool, and that's not me being good with it, it's just the type of game where in normal gameplay, a host of really impressive things happen.

My personal pick for game of the show. Hats of DICE, roll on November.

Mirror's Edge, Xbox 360 - £37.99 delivered
Mirror's Edge, PS3 - £37.99 delivered
Mirror's Edge, PC - £21.99 delivered

Resident Evil 5, Xbox 360 - £34.49

Resident Evil 5, Xbox 360 - £34.49

SOCOM: Confrontation beta keys available today at 4pm

Update: And now they've all gone, hope you didn't miss out.

Head to Eurogamer today at 4pm UK time (10am Central time USA) to register for SOCOM Confrontation beta keys.

SOCOM Confrontation is the PS3 d├ębut of the multiplayer tactical shooter series, set for a release next month.

You will need to be a registered member at Eurogamer, and head to this post for details.

There are only 6,000 to go around and they are first come, first served.

Good luck!