LGF: Guinness World Records: The Videogame

As part of the DS: London record attempt, TT Games where showing off their new Wii Minigames compilation (a real gap in the Wii's library...) "Guinness World Records: The Videogame".

It looks alright, I guess. I has online leader boards, and a bunch of other stuff. I was one of 4 lucky people who got the chance to play it. The balloon popping game involved holding the Wiimote in your hand and waggling it as fast as you could. That's the game.

Check it out:

LGF: DS:London Record Attempt

As part of the London Games Fringe, DS:London made an attempt at breaking the record for most people playing the DS in one place at one time. The record was previously held by some Australians.

Here's what we got up to:

LGF: Girl Gamers Tournament

I didn't actually mean to go to this event, but it was in the same place as the DS Record Attempt, so we caught the final few rounds.

The level of skill varied between the different players, some were new to the games, and some were seasoned experts, but everyone had a lot of fun.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, PS3 - £27.98 delivered

Review by Amitai Winehouse

As a pre-warning to anyone reading this review, I must tell you that I am reviewing the Playstation 3 version of this game. As far as I am aware, the PS2 Version will likely be the same as last year with minor updates. They have done the same for the last 2 or 3 years.

Last year was not a good year for PES. Poor online play. Not 'next generation' enough for consumers. FIFA arguably catching up. A horrible port appearing on arguably it's biggest non-USA console, the PS3. Konami had a lot of work to do, and I can gladly say that they've done that and more. The graphics are better, the atmosphere is better, and the gameplay is what it should be, unlike FIFA.

Pro Evolution Soccer has always been renowned for one thing, even in the days of Oranges11, and that is quality football. It's been called the "Football Fan's Game", and never is this more true than in 2009. From the minute your first game kicks off, you feel as though you are in the stand watching a match, a real match. Players move realistically, the ball flows, and every pass seems to count. When the ball hits the back of the net, you can't help but celebrate ever so slightly.

Yes, a lack of licenses does bring you out of the realism every couple of minutes, and it's never fun to play against North London Blue. But the inclusion of the Champions League and an apparent patch in the coming months which will add more licensed teams might help this. The Champions League includes everything you'd expect, including the opening video, and most importantly, the theme music. The coverage plays up the history of the Champions League as you play it, and once again you find yourself immersed in what seems to be a real game, thanks to Champions League branded TV Broadcasting.

If there is one place PES can be faulted over recent years is a lack of innovation. The Be a Legend mode is ripped straight out of FIFA, but there is one huge difference. As I said before, PES seems like a real game, and therefore when John Smith runs out onto the pitch for Real Madrid, you can't help but think that you yourself are appearing in front of a packed Bernebau.

This game is not perfect, and despite the beauty of it, we still have not reached photo realism, and many players are still the generic people we'd expect sadly. However, as a full game, PES 2009 trumps the 2008 effort in every single category. If you didn't own that, I'd recommend it outright for any console. For the PS3, if you owned 2008, I would again say it is worth paying full price for 2009. As someone who never experienced the Xbox 360 version of 2008, I don't know if it was any good, but I'd argue that some of the new features in '09 are worth whatever cheap price you can find at the end of this review.

Judgement: Worth a buy.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, PS3 - £27.98 delivered