Gran Turismo 5, PS3 - £17.59

Gran Turismo 5, PS3 - £17.59 delivered

Almost certainly a misprice, but you won't lose anything by trying. Amazon sometimes honour misprices, but more often than not don't. There really is nothing to lose (I am 99% sure they don't charge you until it ships anyway)

UPDATE: The price is now back to £37.96.


Gary Wilmot said...

When are you doing a podcast?

h_g said...

I think just about everyone on the internet has seen this now. I've given it a gamble, nothing to loose if they don't honour it. (other than the bargain it'd be)

I do have a suspicion, it's could be their price monitoring software caching a price of gt5 prologue from competitor sites.

Will Templeton said...

Gary: Soon enough. Honestly, we're well overdue for one now that neither of us have much on our plates over the summer. How about this weekend we make a point of it? Would that work for you?