360 install filesizes decreased with new dashboard

Excellent news for those of you who like installing 360 games before playing them (like me). With the new, soon to be released, dashboard update installing a game to the hard drive from a disc now uses less space.

King of Fighters XII was 3.4GB, it now takes up 703MB.
Raiden Fighters Aces was 3.4GB, it now takes up 484MB.
Left 4 Dead was 5GB, it now takes up 3.7GBGB.

Not all games will take up less space, and the amount of space saved depends largely on the game, but it is certainly nice to save some space.

Head to Digital Foundry for more.

Some more comparisons
Earth Defence Force was 3.4GB, it now takes up 1.6GB.
Burnout Revenge was 4.4GB, it now takes up 3.6GB.