Xbox Live 60GB Starter Kit - £48.93

Xbox Live 60GB Starter Kit - £48.93 delivered

Includes a 60gb drive, headset, ethernet cable and 3 months of Live.


Unknown said...

Q: Does anyone know if this comes with a transfer cable? If not will MS send you out one for upgrading from a an old Premium?

60Gb feels like a comfortable size of drive now with the NXE installs, and I've got a mate who could do with my 20Gb and the rest of the fluff that comes in this pack.

But don't wanna start going thru this if MS does not consider it a 'valid upgrade path' or something.

CHeers guys


GT: Jeff the Joker

LewieP said...

Sorry Chris, I've got no idea if it includes a transfer kit. Willeth knows about this stuff, let me ask him.

Will Templeton said...

While it doesn't include one in the kit (which is a really dumb idea, if you ask me), you can order one off their website. There's a PDF form at this link: . While it was designed for an Elite you should be able to use it for this.

However, the best thing to do is to call Xbox before you even order the pack and request a cable. Their number is 0800 587 1102.

Will Templeton said...

Quick addendum - if you're using that form, you might want to include a cover letter saying that you bought the 60GB HDD pack and not an Elite console.