Sam & Max, Season 1, Wii - £22.99

Sam & Max, Season 1, Wii - £22.99 delivered


A Leeds Cyclist said...

Good game but the Wii version is a bit of a letdown. No game-breaking bugs but it's still disappointing.

The frame rate quite frequently drops down to single digits (especially during the car chase sequences) and the dialogue has a very annoying bug. The last 0.5 second of talking is quite frequently cut off.

It ruins some punchlines and the delivery and breaks any immersion.

The textures are also much lower resolution so some of the jokes on newspapers you can see in the back ground aren't legible.

All in all, I'm still playing through it, but I can't recommend it if you're able to play it on PC on a comfy set up (despite it's flaws I'd rather sit back and play it on my sofa than crouched around my crappy pc).