The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 6

It's Episode 6 of the SavyGamer Podcast, on the web and in your ears! This week we interview Dorian Kieken of BioWare on designing a Sonic RPG and the future of BioWare games on DS. We're now listed on iTunes, too!

Show notes (Highlight to view):
00:00 Pre-show
00:10 Opening
00:47 Welcome
01:07 I don't actually have a pinky finger.
01:21 More contests!
05:03 Halo Mythic
13:15 Vidmaster challenge - help me!
[NOTE - I've actually completed this now, thanks to those that helped!]

14:46 End of Halo talk! Live's going down on Monday.
15:25 Is the NXE due in November?
17:20 CheapAssGamer Xbox Pure rumour (Hi Cheapy!)
20:53 Sony's video controversy and DRM
27:13 The Weekly Burnout Update
29:25 The EA Download Manager
33:15 Digital Distributiionxdnugfnjdnrog - Peggle XBLA
35:26 Interview with Dorian Kieken, Associate Producer for Sonic Chronicles
50:10 End of interview, discussion about Sonic's story
52:50 We're both awful at maths
54:00 Bargains of the week
De Blob, Dark Sector
56:17 Microsoft Points deal no more...
57:50 What we've been playing - Rock Band, Multiwinia, Mass Effect, and more!
1:11:15 Close

Link dump:
I Love Bees archive
Sonic the Comic
Cree Summer - Voice Actress from everything including Mass Effect

Total Runtime: 1:11:23
Total Filesize: 67MB

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, found your podcast in the comments section of the game theory goodbye message. Looks like an interesting, yet small, archive. This one should be fun, as I used to work at bioware!

Good on ya, flor'

Anonymous said...

you know what? the itunes link is broken :(