NoE Announces cross promotion with EMI Backstage

Nintendo of Europe have just launched a partnership with EMI Backstage to exchange Nintendo Stars for music downloads.

If, like me and anyone else who had a Gamecube, you have got stacks of Nintendo Stars for use in the stars catalogue, but are sick of it never haveing anything worthwhile in stock, there may finally something decent to use it on.

Nintendo will be letting you exchange your Stars for downloads from EMI Backstage, EMI's music download service. The pricing will be 350 Stars for a track, or 3,000 stars for an album.

Which on the basis of 4,000 stars = 1,000 Wii points, and 1,000 Wii points = £7.00, means it's £5.25 an Album, or 62p a track. Not bad pricing at all.

I've never used EMI Backstage, has anyone else? What's it like as a service.

Let's hope they don't manage to "Sell out" of digital goods, like they somehow manage to do with the Wii Points...

Head to the Music Voucher Shop to check it out.