Grand Theft Auto 4

I've had quite a few requests for GTA4 on both 360 and PS3, sadly there's no retailers selling it at even a half decent price that have it in stock.

The best option is to probably head to the highstreet, and you should be able to get it for £40 or under. Asda are selling the 360 version for £34, and if you are a student you can get 10% off at Zavvi, HMV and some Gamestation branches, and if you have a GAME card student discount is available at some branches too.

As soon as it is available for a good price online I will post it, but it'll probably be a while.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget some GAME stores give you student discount if you have a GAME card :)

LewieP said...

Ah yes, I shall add that the the post now, thanks for reminding me.