Get into festivals for free with Oxfam

I'm going to be going to Leeds and Glastonbury festival this year (as I did last year) as an Oxfam steward. I can't recommend it enough, you meet a great bunch of people, and everyone you meet is going to be friendly to someone with an Oxfam Tabard on (and it makes it really to blag free booze).

Anyway, Oxfam are looking for people to steward and campaign for them. Stewarding involves a range of tasks, I have had - operating gates, running a Barbecue, driving around Glastonbury delivering coffee to people. If could be anything.

Campaigning basically means walking around the festivals with a clipboard and encouraging people to sign up for newsletters. You work 3 shifts, but will have plenty of time to see lots of bands, and take in the festival atmosphere.

You do have to pay a £165 deposit, which will be refunded, but in return you get free entrance into the festivals, free camping, and food vouchers for when you are on shift.

It's a really good cause, and you will have a lot of fun.

Head here to apply.

They need stewards for -
Summer Sundae
Bloom Festival

And campaigners for -
Isle of Wight
V (Chelmsford/Staffordshire)
Love Box

Let me know if you are going to any. As I said I'll be at Leeds (Fuck you I won't do what you tell me) and Glastonbury this year.


JiggerJay said...

hey lewie!

cheers for that, i am thinking of doing something like that so i can get into leeds to see rage again and slipknot. I will look into it.

Anonymous said...

I'll be at Glastonbury but not as a steward!

Shirley said...

I'll be at Glasto working for oxfam too, but will miss Radiohead in Manchester. Hmm, tough choice.