Excellent work Lucasarts

Lucasarts have just put a bunch of their old old old games on Steam. I thought to myself when they announced they were doing so "Excellent, I may pick a few of those old adventure games I never played first time around in the inevitable weekend sale". But that wasn't good enough for Lucasarts.

They have priced a bunch of genuine classics at only £2.99 each. Bargainalicious.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, PC - £2.99
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, PC - £2.99
LOOM, PC - £2.99
The Dig, PC - £2.99
Star Wars Starfighter, PC - £2.99

I actually saw The Dig in a charity shop for £4 not all that long ago, I kid you not. There are lots more to come too.


Fnerk said...

The prices for Armed & Dangerous and Republic Commando are too much though. £6.99? I paid that much for A&D just a few weeks after it came out!

Anonymous said...

Pity though that they chose Steam and not what would have been more appropriate, I mean "Good Old Games".
Because seriously, Steam DRM over LOOM or Indiana Jones ? WTF