Xbox Live Indie Games price drop

A while back Microsoft restructured the pricing of the indie games. Where it used to be 800/400/200, it is now 400/240/80. When the price restructure happened, they said that all 200 point games would eventually revert to 80, unless the developer decided to bump it up to 240, and that has just happened.

This means a bunch of games previously available for 200 are now only 80 points.

Here are some games which are now 80 points that you might want to check out:
Alien Ambush
Bullet Trap
Halfbrick Echoes
Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp
Miner Dig Deep

And then as well as that lot, there is the phenomenal Groov. By far my favourite game on the service, for 80 MS Points it is an absolute must have. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it i a very well made dual stick shooter with an emphasis on synaesthesia. If you get only one Xbox Live Indie game, make it this one.

If there are any newly reduced Indie Games I've missed, then please point them out to me.


Unknown said...

Miner Dig Deep is fantakka bostin.