Xbox 360 Elite, Pure, LEGO Batman & an extra controller - £127.02

Xbox 360 Elite, Wireless Controller, Pure, LEGO Batman - £127.02 delivered

Add the Xbox 360 Elite and Wireless Entertainment Pack to your basket, and at checkout, the price will resolve to £127.02.

I believe the reason this happens is because the site is coded to deduct the price of the Entertainment Pack from the price of the console, but the Pack has been mispriced. As retailers aren't required to honour misprices, this order is likely to be cancelled. Undoubtedly worth it if it isn't, though.

In light of the postal strike affecting the UK within the next week, I advise anyone who hasn't already signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime that they offer at checkout to do so, or to pay for faster shipping in addition to the console price in order to ensure reliable delivery. If you do sign up for Prime, ensure that you've unchecked the rebilling option in the settings, or after the trial is up you'll automatically be billed.

- Will Templeton


Jaffo said...

Just ordered, worked fine (only shows £127 on final screen).

If they do headstones at the pauper's cemetary, mine will read "Here because of LewieP"

craig said...

i tried but no luck

Martin Oddy said...

going to ebay it all Jaffo?:p

Richard said...

Looks like it's fixed! :(

rpsgc said...

Item(s) Subtotal: £228.66
Postage & Packing: £6.47
Total Before VAT: £235.13
VAT: £47.03
Total: £282.16
Promotion Applied: -£142.28
Grand Total: £139.88

Will I get lucky? :)

Kyle Saric said...

What are people putting in their items and what are the exact steps? This doesn't seem to be working for me the same. I get a promotion applied thing but only goes down to 190 pounds...

Jaffo said...

Just had the obligatory 'cancelled due to pricing error' email from Amazon.

Ah well, it'll keep the wolves from the door!


Visi said...

I can't seem to get it under £190 either. But interestingly, you can add the stuff pack (games and controller) more than once, and it seems to only add £10 to your total.