Columns Deluxe, iPhone/iPod Touch - FREE

Columns Deluxe, iPhone/iPod Touch - FREE (opens in iTunes)

The Mega Drive classic on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Free download for this weekend only.


LewieP said...


It takes more than being old to be classic.

(I never liked Columns)

Anonymous said...

Lewie, Have you tried Tap tap revenge NIN edition or the NIN access app on Iphone?

LewieP said...

Will is the man you want to speak to about iPhone stuff, I don't have one.

Will Templeton said...

From what I've played of Tap Tap Revenge, I didn't really enjoy it, but I'll download the free version tomorrow and give it a quick go. I'm not really a NIN fan at all, though.

The NIN:access app looks pretty nifty if you're into that community. The forums area that they showcase looks excellent, and makes me wonder why there isn't a VBulletin app to view VB-based forums in an easier format than how Safari does it.

I'll try that out tomorrow as well and comment again. Is there anything in particular you want me to comment on?

LewieP said...

As an aside, you should be a NIN fan. They make delicious musics.