I'm going to Glastonbury!

I'm going to be going to Glastonbury this Friday, early because I'm stewarding for Oxfam again. If any of you are going, and see a guy in a tailcoat, that's probably me.

I'll probably post a couple of times from the festival too, and have a few guest articles to keep you busy. My Twitter feed will probably be active.

Whilst not buying any cheap games, you should check out the new (technically) legal home of the undergdogs. Highlights I have noticed include System Shock, Discworld and Xargon. It's kind of hard to find games other than spending a long time clicking on links right now, but they are working on that, and you can follow the progress in their forums.



cunt pt. 2 said...

just as a point, theres nothing legal about the underdogs at all. If the software was all about 70 years old, then it would be legal.

LewieP said...

My understanding is that the new site is effectively the same as Youtube regarding copyright law.

They let users upload games, and then host them for other users. They don't actually put any of the files up themselves.

All they have to do to stay within the realms of the law is respond to takedown notices, just like youtube.