Far Cry 2, PC - £2.93

Far Cry 2, PC - £2.93 delivered

Might be a miss price, so be quick.

Now sold out, and back up to £11.93.

TheHut.com are liars. They sent me an email saying the following:

I am sorry to advise that we had a limited amount of stock available of Far Cry 2 at the promotional price which has since sold out.

We can confirm that payment has not been taken and you are free to re-order at the current price should you wish.

What they actually mean is "we typed in the price wrong by accident, and once we realised our mistake, we cancelled all of the orders, because we didn't want to have to sell it to you for £2.93"

It really wouldn't hurt them to be honest, or at least come up with a better lie.


SirStuie said...

Its not a lie, they just had 0 stock at that amount.