Little Big Planet - £5.80

Little Big Planet - £5.80

It is £39.99 at PC World, and £8.91 at Asda. So it is £5.80 via their pricematch.


Anonymous said...

How does this price match work? I tried calling their sales line, but was told they don't match online prices - only Asda's instore price? Will my local pcworld do it?? Do I have to force them to do it or is there as secret password involved?

LewieP said...

I've had most success with this in store.

Basically, their price match policy is very ambiguously worded. It doesn't explicitly say whether they match online prices or not. They do however say it must be "available for immediate home delivery".

Best technique is probably to take a printout of the Asda page with you to your local store. Grab LBP off the shelf, and go to customer services to get a pricematch.

I have had some people confirm that they have been able to get this at this price, so persevere if they try to turn you away.