Braid, PC - £9.99

Braid, PC - £9.99 on Steam

An odd quirk of the international pricing policy of the various digital distribution platforms is that whilst USA gamers pay roughly $15 wherever they get the game from, UK gamers pay different prices depending on where they get it from.

According to GamersGate, $15 = £13.45.
Greenhouse charge $14.95 wherever you buy from, which is £10.23 right now, according to
According to Impulse, $14.95 = £10.22.
And according to Steam, $15 = £9.99.

I think I'll trust Valve on this one. The only downside of getting it from Steam is that for some reason, the release seems to be delayed by about 24 hours compared to the other places, and they aren't preloading it, but it is only 119mb. Available from steam right now.

It's an excellent game too. Demo here.


Anonymous said...

I really wanted to buy it on Steam, but they might lose on because I want to play the full game even more. Great blog, adding to blogroll.

Raz said...

GAME!!! Must Buy thanks for the heads up lewie, will be getting this NOW :D

iLag said...

It's now on Steam as well. Strange release politics but hey, whatever. Lots of people have been waiting for this...