Spore, PC - £17.89

Spore, PC - £17.89 delivered


Joe said...

I've seen Spore in several places... pre-owned. It kind of defeats the point, doesn't it, due to EA's securom garbage?

LewieP said...

Well, you do get up to 5 installs (on different computers) with any one license, so assuming that they haven't all been used up, you should be fine.

That said, I wouldn't expect that most places would check for that kind of thing when selling used games. They probably just make sure that the disc is not scratched, then price it up.

I personally wouldn't buy it used anyway.

Joe said...

Though you can multiple installs, from what I recall you can only have one online account - so, to get the most out of it, you need the original owners email address and password (though I did see them doing something to change it, it still looked like it was only masks and you would have to pass some information along)