Weekend Special Roundup 30/1

So, now there are 3 digital distribution places that have pretty good weekend specials, Steam, GamersGate and Good old Games, I've decided to roll them together into one post, updated as the information become available.

Here are this weeks weekend specials.

Good old Games:
Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold + Disciples 2 Gold - £11.13 (add both to basket seperately)

X-Com Complete - £6.66 (not as good as when it was on Steam for £2.99, but the best price for anyone who missed out).

30% off all Rockstar games, includes GTA4, althought GTA, GTA2 and Wild Metal are free downloads here. GTA4 is also £9.99 in Morrions, but £18.89 is the best price for it online.

Does anyone know of any other digital distribution platforms that have weekly specials? I am looking into Impulse at the minute, after hearing a ton of good stuff about it, so I will probably be linking to there shortly too.


Joe said...

Is that Morrisons deal for the PC version or the 360 one?

LewieP said...

Just PC.

Anonymous said...

I think the Steam weekend Rockstar sale is 30% off.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

Excellent. Got a couple of copies - one for me, one for profit.