Plain Sight Open Beta

Plain Sight, probably the stand-out independent game from the Eurogamer Expo last year, has just gone into open beta on PC.

You can download it here.

You are a robot on a planetoid populated with buildings. The aim of the game is to collect points by attacking other robots, but you only get to keep those points for the scoreboard if you blow yourself up, and the more points you accrue the easier it becomes to find you. I spent a good chunk of time playing this at the expo and I can see it being a great online game. You can plug in a 360 controller and play it with that if you so wish, too.

It'll be available on Steam and other digital distribution platforms early this year for $9.99.


LewieP said...

Yeah, brilliant stupid fun. Think EDF with cute robots.

Anonymous said...

This post is tagged as a Xbox 360 post, but presumably it should actually be tagged as PC?

Will Templeton said...

The category works by searching post text, and so because I referenced the 360 controller it shows up in a search for that. I've edited it so it'll show up in the PC one as well.