Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £21.50

Space Invaders Extreme, DS - £21.50 delivered

Because I just got it and it is fantastic. Japanese version, but all the menus and text is in English.

If you like Rez, or good shmups, you should definitely check this out.


Bill said...

See, would I have steered you wrong?

(The level 4 boss is a bitch though).

LewieP said...

Indeed, I genuinely had zero interest in this based on name alone. Your recommendation + seeing it in action sealed it for me.

Everyone should check out this trailer.

Bill said...

Likewise, thats why I've been trying to push the game. I couldn't give a shit about normal space invaders. And the name is dire. So it's so, so easy to ignore. Which is a crime.

(Oh my top score is 3.2 m on ranking mode by the way.)